Newbies Guide to NFL Betting

Are you looking to get into football sports betting? If so, nothing is better than NFL betting. The NFL is a very good league to get into when you are looking to bet because not only is it fun, it can be very rewarding. Below, we will be discussing some of the top tips that you will want to be sure to implement into your strategy in order to bet successfully.

1. Betting Point Spreads.

If you are looking to get into NFL betting, one of the major keys to success is first understanding point spreads and how to read them properly. Whenever you see a team that has a negative number next to them, it means that the team is actually favored to win by that specific number of points. Therefore, if the team has a negative number next to it, they are actually considered most likely to win. Whereas, the number after the entire match up is the projected total points that are predicted to be scored by both of the teams combined. To bet on a specific team, you are going to be betting that they win by more than the point spread. Therefore, you are really betting to beat the prediction.

2. Betting Over/Under.

The other way you can bet is by doing over/under. This particular method is another fun and rewarding way to bet. This particular option is going to be based on total points scored. You are essentially betting that the total points scored by the two teams combined are either over or under the projected total that is displayed. Therefore, you want to try to figure out whether or not the team is going to bet more or less than the total amount. If you are able to beat the over/under and predict correctly, you will win money.

In the end, it is all going to come down to personal preference and where you feel most comfortable. You want to bet on games that you are relatively familiar with. For instance, if you know about certain teams and you know about their roster makeup and how they might play against a certain opponent, it is likely going to be a game that you want to bet on. Whereas, if a game is featuring two teams that you do not necessarily know too much, it is likely going to be better off avoiding a bet in that game. After all, you want to put yourself at the greatest odds to win. Therefore, stick to what you know and try to bet on the teams and games that you are familiar with. Also, be sure to check out the weather as it can play a tremendous role in determining the total number of points scored and it can even affect the actual outcome of the game. By following all of the tips discussed above, you should be able to have some success with NFL betting.